"That's just absurd!"

Don't we know it?

Dislikers of the Idiotically Ridiculous
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Have you ever run across someone or something so absurd that you simply had to find the perfect place to rant about it? Well, you've found that place.

There are situations and people who are enjoyably ridiculous for the fun or it, but there are also the annoying variety in existance. If you need help telling the difference between the two, see the guidelines below.

Membership is currently open to anyone, unless this becomes a problem. Posting is open to members only, but commenting is open to everyone. Anonymous comments will be screened by default, and flaming of this communities' members will not be tolerated. Discussions are encouraged, but fights based on being petty are not.

This communities' members reserve the right to post their opinions without fearing being shot down for them. If you don't like someone here for a personal reason, take it outside of the community. I will delete any posts or comments that violate the few rules I ask of this communities' members and vocal readers. Warnings come first, as an extention of a bit of faith on my part, and this community's moderator, a_coherent_luny. Banning will be used if it is to be absolutely necessary.

Also, if you feeling that you must, user names, lj communities, websites, and the like may be mentioned here. Be prepared for backlash if you do direct your posts at a particular person. The owner and moderator are not here to police this community with a strict whip. (This does not mean that something will not be said to you or anyone who replies to you. Your opinions are free to be heard, but all out petty attacks are not.) Vagueness is okay, and encouraged when possible.

Guideline for Annoying Absurdity:

  • Saying, doing, or writing anything meant to be fun(ny) or entertaining, but fails miserably.

  • Doing something stupid and/or dangerous simply to get a laugh. Also known as being a "jerk."

  • Passing ridiculous laws not based on anything of substance

Guideline for Enjoyable Absurdity:

  • Comic pages of the newspaper.

  • That zany friend who always nails the perfect funny/geeky comment when you are upset by something.

  • Being stupid/silly with your friends, and truly not harming anyone.

The 'guidelines' will grow. Probably with your help. If you have suggestions for 'guidelines', send your comments to the community email, or contact the owner.

Your Community Owner: dmitchell1985 / dm1985_photos
Your Community Moderator: a_coherent_luny
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